Pixel Art

Discover our first craft activity, for children as well as for adults: silicone pixel art.

An A4 mat, 1000 pixels, hundreds of models.

pixel art strawberry dodocraft
dodocraft pixel colors


18 colors rigorously chosen. 1000 pixels to insert for dazzling creations



A misplaced pixel? Thanks to the flexible silicone mat , 
pleasant to the touch, young and old can easily remove small pixels.

Pixel art grid A4
Complete pixel art


With 20 templates included, you’ll be busy 🙂
But leave room for your imagination (and that of your children …), the possibilities are limitless!

And if this is not enough, you can download many more templates on our website online.

The benefits of pixel art

For young and old alike, pixel art is an activity with many virtues: relaxing for adults, developing the creativity of the youngest, spotting, counting as well as fine motor skills for the little ones from 5 years old.


The calm and concentration necessary for the achievement call for a moment of relaxation ...


Follow one of our templates or let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are limitless!


Spotting, counting, fine motor skills, independently or accompanied for the youngest.

Exhibit your creation

The sturdy cardboard set, convenient to store, can also be used to display your Work.

Enjoy, contemplate for a moment and change it whenever you want.

Some achievements

dodocraft pixel art mario
dodocraft pixel unicorn tree
dodocraft pixel art ice cream

From the creators of

Follow the dodo!

Share your creations and discover many models.


The minimum age recommended is 4 years old, accompanied by an adult or older child who will guide him/her.

An activity that can be done independently from 7 years old and just for fun, for adults 🙂

Depending on the complexity of the model, it will take between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

It is indeed very easy! Slide your hand under the grid to apply pressure, the pixel comes out.

The pixels and the grid are made of food grade silicone.

20 models are included in the small booklet.

Nearly 100 pixel art models are available on the site 🙂

The set is made up of 16 colors, 50 pixels each.

Plus 100 blacks and 100 whites for a total of 1000 pixels.

All of our pixels are carefully molded.

Due to the small size of the pixels, one face has slightly rounded edges.

Favor this visible side for an optimal result.

The black silicone grid is in A4 format.

They are offered, for Europe and North America 🙂

For other countries, enter your shipping address to find out the shipping costs.

We do not deliver to French overseas departments and territories.

The deadlines are in working days.

France: 5 to 10 days

Belgium: 7 to 10 days

Switzerland: 7 to 10 days

Italy : 5 to 7 days

Canada: 5 to 7 days

United States: 7 to 10 days

United Kingdom: 4 to 5 days

Our dodocraft pixel art set is not available on Amazon.